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My So Called Life
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mad deep

How NKOTB Round 5 went down...

Before going on this trip I just knew it was going to be the trip of a lifetime....and I know before even start to write this I will never be able to put into words exactly what happend, or what I saw or what I felt but this will be my best attempt at it!!!

Wednesday, June 17th
Picked up April, Ryan and Jill at 7:30 am and the adventure begins.  Cross the border with no problem (border patrol dude = "I didnt know New Kids on the Block were still touring") and head to the first Dunkin Donuts possible.  Ahhh...Dunkin Donuts....you are a lifeline to me whilst travelling! Drove on till we reached Portland and stopped for a quick bit of shopping, where I found my Mohegan m&g shirt (the color of a popsicle it was - a not so sublimenal message!!).  Next stop Tewskbury where we picked up Natalie and found out my trunk can hold alot more than I thought it could!  We arrive in CT around 5:30 pm, get ready, then its time to meet everyones favorite shuttle bus driver Storman Norman!!  Yes we will drive to the casino and yes we will sing Dean Martin...and yes Ms Ed Hardy, the louder the better!!!!  Eat a yummy dinner complete with Martini's at Luckys and then do a bit of gambling.  The slots were not on my side this time!  Damn you Cleopatra!  End the night at Krispy Kreme and then back to the hotel.  As Natalie and I are getting ready for bed we run into a slight situation with our sheets, and as horrifying as it was I dont think I have laughed that hard in a long time.  Sheets somewhat changed and we get in bed for the night but no sleep as we begin to freak out HARD.  OMG I am freaking out just remembering how I was freaking out!!!  Finally managed to get a bit of sleep but TINK both of us were up before 7:30.  Went downstairs in pjs for a super early breakfast (and to reserve a taxi which is important later) and back to the room to pretty much lay in bed until it was time to get ready. The other girls from our group show up and Kristine and Mary hang in the room with us while we finish getting ready (dont know how my nervous energy didnt kill them but they remained calm, me on the other hand NERVOUS as all fuck!!!) So we go downstairs to wait for the cab, and wait and wait....cab shows up kind-of...he basically pulled in one side of the driveway and pulled right back out!!  I start totally freaking because we need to be there by 4 and its already like 3:50.  Front desk dude tries to help us by calling another cab but no one will come get us...so he ended up driving us to the casino himself!  How awesome is that?  That dude was my hero of the day!!!!  The other girls were already there waiting so they called us and I told them to hang out more towards the back of the line and wait for us, which worked out perfectly.  We got totally lucky because they didnt split our group up (holla group P!!).  So we make our way to the cabaret lounge to wait it out.  Wine from a styrofoam cup - not the best but will do if neccessary!!  Met 2 other girls in our group, saw Ethan and Chris - got a hug from Chris "lets drum this"!!.  Finally my lovelies arrive and cause a big commotion!  Watch the other groups start to line up and get in positon ourselves.  Very important we are the first ones in (screw you undecided girl!!)  I'm sweating profusly and letting Sandy pinch me repeatedly (haha LOVED IT!) and OMG its finally OUR TURN!!!  And thus goes the meet and greet....Danny is first in line and he says "somebody give me a hug" so I, of course, am all "I will!!!" and hug him....turn around and Jordan is there so I kinda say "Jooordan" like we are long lost buddies or something and then hug him, next is Joe so I hug him and then I say  "can I stand here?" and he says "of course you can" and puts his arm around me (OMG...OMG...OMG!!!!) so they yell picture and then Jon falls in line next to me...no this cant be happening...I am going to be BETWEEN Joey Joe McIntyre and Jon Knight.  I maybe start to go into heart failure!!!  Then I see Kristine come over but lord have mercy Jon lets her in on the other side...YES!!! THIS IS GOING TO WORK!!!  I am happily wedged between Jon and Joe with both thier arms around me and my arms around each one of them.  This is what it is all about!!  Then some beyatch tried to ruin the whole thing, she had no place to stand so she tried to crouch all wierd in front of me and Joe so I say to her..."dont do that, you should go to the end of the line" and JM hears me and says "yeah go to the end", BAHAHAAHA...!!!!!!  So they take the picture and I kind of have a look of total bliss but at the same time trying not to cry....its my elated/distraught look I perfected during the summer of DMB/CC!! Picture is done and I turn to hug Jon and then security tries to kick us out but I havent seen Donnie yet so something comes over me and I call his name and he turns and lets me by so I hug him too!  The DEW does it to me again!!  But this time I am able to look him in the face so its a step in the right direction.  Now to commerate my favorite moment ever in life...I am walking out the door and Joe Mac is standing right by the exit so I hug him one more time and I blurt out "I love you" and he says...to me...."I love you"....with like emphasis on the I and YOU.  o;djfadjfoueoiuroaidjfalk;dfj!!!!!!!!!  I can still hear his voice, that made my entire fucking life!!!!  So we step outside this curtain (very thin mind you!!) and Allison and I scream a bit, and I feel quite confident he could hear us but who cares!  I had so much adreneline pumping I swear I felt drunk for awhile there!!!!  So we make our way to our seats which were DEAD CENTER...5th row.  Loves it! 

Round 5 part 2 coming up.....

Love Me

Its not really that I am slack on this whole NKOTB blogging biz....normallly I need a few days to get my head clear and then I am all over it.  This time I find it overwhelming because WTF, my life is NEVER this good.  And before I can go on (and on and on) about Mohegan and Montreal I have been reminded (several times) that I never finished Ottawa yet.  So when I last left off I was headed for my SECOND ROW CENTER seats.  A true thing of beauty those seats were. The best part of being so close is all the fucking eye contact you can make.  I got tons and got "sang to" a couple of times.  Believe me I will highlight my favorite moments.  So  Jabbawockeez came out and killed it as usual, and then I start to sweat for real.  There is nothing else in this world that has the insta-effect of me sweating like the New Kids.  Its disgusting but also a true testament to the power they have over me.  Power. Obsession.  Call It What You Want.  First they play the video which once again shatters my heart into a trillion pieces.  I cant even watch that thing on youtube without tearing up....and now.....
Call It What You Want - my fave part of the whole song is the little dance moves they do on the stage up top.  And Jordan, you are just so cute in your cardigan!!!!!
My Favorite Girl - I need I need I need I need your love!
Right Stuff - First time was a great time *thrust*, second time was a blast *double thrust*  and Donnie fucking Wahlberg all up in my grill with that thrust.  I almost fainted but there was to much I would have missed so I held on.  So to recap that was DEW doing the double thrust right at me!
Didnt I Blow Your Mind - yes.  And you continue to do it time and time again.
Valentine Girl - I love when Danny sings this, I really do.  And all the other guys turn around and he has his moment.....
Please Dont Go Girl - *swoon *swoon *swoon.  ....dont take your love....I need you baby.....*continues swooning
Grown Man - Donnie is all heeeeeeeeeey laaaaaaaaaaaaadies.  Best Moment #1 - Jordan looking right at me during "she be tearin it up what"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dirty Dancing - I love this song.  This song is chaos and mania and I just love it.  Best decesion ever to move it to the main stage :)
Games - Best Moment #2 - I took video of this song and Joe and Jordan both smile right at the camera. Joe gives me the best LOOK ever. Its amazing!!!  Also the oh-eee-ohs again!
If You Go Away - Best Moment #3 - Joey looks straight into my eyes and sings the line "if you go away you'll be taking my heart with you".  I swear to god.  Seriously.  afjladkjflkajdfkloaufgoiajflkjakldfjla;jdflalfja
2 In The Morning - I would never ever complain about doing 5* but if there is ONE downfall its not being able to see B stage
Single - riser goes up and there was tons of smoke.  take that you B stage bitches!
Tonight - the only time I ever missed the Party Boy dance...I live for that dance!
Twisted - back in front of me where they belong.  My love for this song and dance has been stated many many times before.  No exception this time!
Baby I Believe In You - I love being so close, I could see how much fun Jordan was having with this song, he was smiling as he does all his cheesy yet lovely thrusting!
Give It To You - big ups to Natalie who got the whole song on video!
Joe Mac Medley - WCD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cover Girl - Donnie, I fall a little more in love with you when you say "dont you know I could never leave you Ottawa, wont you stay here with me so we can make it Hottawa"
I'll Be Loving You - Best Moment #4 when Jordan sang one of his "I"ll be loving youuuuu's to me!  *sigh
Click Click Click - this pose off was NO JOKE!!!  It all started when at the end of the song my eyes are drawn to the fact that Joey seems to be undoing his pants.  Then sweet lord they all are!  They drop their pants and they are all wearing Canada Boxers.  Oh.My.God.  Then its gets better becaaaaause....they all take turns doing it one at at time while everyone chants their names.  The best pose off of the tour.  Aint no city gonna top that!
Summertime - and just because he is Joe McIntyre and this is what he does, Joe drops his pants one more time at the end of the song!
Step By Step - Jordan and Joe actually sang their steps!!!!
Hangin Tough - oh so effing hot in their Team Canada jerseys.....and just to end the night, Best Moment #5 I had some mega eye contact with Danny.  Very intense, felt like it went on forever....it was hot ya'll.

It was with deep regret that I got up the next morning and boarded that plane back home.  The man beside me probably though I was an escaped mental patient because I had a huge smile on my face the whole way home, and no one likes flying that much!  The only thing that got me through was on the very day of our concert new tour dates were announced and I knew I had two more shows to come....
mad deep

Havent blogged about my Ottawa trip yet...WHAT IS UP? Actually this is a very overwhelming task so I needed time and apparently lots of it...ok the following is a detailed description of my VIP with NKOTB and the events leading up to it....

The day I was to leave for Ottawa I woke up at 3:15...TINK...I cant sleep no more!  Left for the airport about 5am and after only a slight run in with turbulence I am in Ottawa!!!!  Natalie is waiting for me and I totally cant believe after planning this for so long things are finally underway!!!  Get out of the airport (free!) and decide we want to go pick up some breakfast.  Off to Kettlemans for bagels...dude working (sooo random), home to eat said bagels and some bacon (which tried to blind me.  I got hit in the eye with bacon grease simply walking past the pan.  Only me) and immediatly get online and check out stories from the last nights concert. Then move from the computer to the couch where we put in old skool videos and FREAK OUT.  Watching them in slo motion is also a good idea ladies.  Baby tuuuuuurn ooooooover......alll good!!  This is how we spent most of the day until its time to get ready because we are having our fan dinner and meeting the other girls from our VIP group!  Quick trip to the mall and then off to Eastside Marios...met Kim, Suzy and Jo...you girls are all so great, I am so glad we met!!  Had a good dinner with tons of NK chat, then finished the night at Starbucks where Kim bought her old scrapbooks.  Oh my so much fun, I love fangirling!!!!!!!!!!!  Sunday morning we decide we want to make a sign, also we need umbrellas.  I cant tell you how many stores we had to go to in order to find supplies...best stop was in Michaels where we were sure we had spies in our midst trying to steal our ideas! HA!  Back to Natalie's to watch more videos and make the BEST SIGN EVER!!  I was so happy with it and it totally got us noticed...Danny and Joe!  eeeeek!!!!!!  After that we made supper but I was totally to nervous to eat...I mean I am going to meet NKOTB the next day.  There are simply no words to describe what this means, I wont even try....my blockhead girls get it anyway...I have waited 20 years for this, I could cry just thinking about it!!  I managed to get a bit of sleep that night and finally its SHOW DAY!!!!!  Natalie actually had to work for a few hours....I amused myself online which isnt that hard to do...and then she is home and its time to get ready.  kjfkladjfjalfjklafkl.  I get ready, one step at a time, deep breaths the whole way...have I ever been this nervous in my whole life?  Up to this point no until we actually get there and the real terror sets in but I am getting ahead of myself....ok we are ready and we drive to Jo's and meet the girls along with Rosz, Lexa and Julie...some people misrepresent themselves...all I am gonna say....drive to Scotiabank place, VIP parking baby...we roll that way....go inside and hudreds of girls already there....I really wanted to be one of the last groups in so we wait it out before getting in line.  Finally we check our cameras, sign our waivers, get our tickets (2nd row center!!!!!!!!) and head to "the room".  Its down a flight of stairs, who designed this??  My legs were shaking so bad I have no idea how I didnt fall!!  I initally thought we lucked out and there was only going to be 8 of us.  WRONG.  But I dont know this yet so we go into "the room" and it is mass chaos...girls everywhere screaming, crying...its nerve wracking but in a wierd way also soothing because everyone feels the way I do.  We are all effing crazy!!  Get a glass of wine to calm my nerves and meet some great girls from the forums, time is going by at warp speed, we are group R and its almost our turn!!  All of a sudden its a flurry of hair brushing and lipgloss applying and putting on deodrant (hehehe) and getting in line.  This is when we realize we have 2 more in our group and WHO THEY ARE!!!! GRRRRRRRR.  You have got to be kidding me!!  I'll withhold names but just...WTF?!?!?  I am so nervous that I am jumping out of my skin, I may have been doing some kind of wierd dance with all my excess energy...hmmm..and then the curtains part and ITS OUR TURN!!!!!!!!!

So I have 90 seconds.  In a room.  With Donnie, Jordan, Jon, Joey and Danny.  This is not happening.  In 100% honesty I had tunnel vision.  I saw nobody else in the room but the guys.  I heard nothing but them talking.  It was totally out of body and it was amazing.  I wasted about the first 10 seconds just frozen, staring....then I was like OMG Beckie get moving...headed to Danny first and gave him a hug, turned around and Joey was behind me, gave him a hug....he rubbed my back and said "thank you sweetie" (my hands are shaking as I type this.  JOE MAC CALLED ME SWEETIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), then I gave Jordan a hug, then they yell picture...I had wanted to stand next to Donnie but I had a moments panic when they yell picture because I hadnt even seen him yet...and then....I become totally aware that Donnie Fucking Wahlberg is standing behind me.  I didnt see him, I didnt hear him but I just KNEW he was standing behind me.  People are lining up for the picture and OMG he already has someone on either side of him...this is not cool, I am not missing this chance so I say to him...can I get in here...and he says sure you can and moved away from one girl to let me in.  Oh god.  He put his arm around me, I put my arm around him...total bliss.  Ok here is the somewhat funny part...I never looked directly at him.  I just couldnt...to the point where I didnt even know he was wearing a hat until I saw the picture the next day.  And then as realization sets in what is happening my lip starts quivering, like my bottom lip was actualy twitching, that has never happened before!  And all that is running through my mind is can he SEE this?  Can Donnie see my lip quiver??  Picture is over and I turn around and hug him (still not looking directly at him).  They start yelling at us to leave but I havent seen Jon yet...he was standing behind a security guard and actually heard me say I am not leaving without getting a Jonhug...I like invented a totally embarrasing word "JONHUG" and he heard me.  Guh.  But it worked because he said aw come here and gave me like the greatest hug ever in life.  So lovely that our cheeks were touching and in my mind I am OMG I AM CHEEK TO CHEEK WITH JON KNIGHT!!!!!!  Then I hugged Danny one more time, Joe one more time, Jordan one more time and I am out the door.  Best 90 seconds of my life!!!  At this point my hands started shaking uncontrollably and I lost my mind for a bit.  Had to sit down for a bit, but not much time to rest because we still have a concert...with second row seats....and that will be for another blog....


How NKOTB Round 3 went down...

On the road at 8am, get to the border, told the guard we were going to see New Kids On The Block, she laughs and says she "used to be madly in love with them", I tell her that I still am!  She waves us through no problems.  The drive to Portland is smooth except the part where I got pulled over for speeding...just got a warning so that was ok...but hey I was in a hurry!!  We did some shopping until it was check in time then over to the hotel, got ready and headed straight back out.  Ok the *plan* was to drop off the car at the Civic Center, eat supper at Margaritas, then back to the CCCC for showtime!  So we park the car in the garage and the attendant tells us we have to be out by midnight...this plays in later....we come out of the garage and BOOM there be some buses!!!!  Stare at them for a few mins and at that point nothing was going on so we try to find this restaurant.  We walk in the direction mapquest had shown us and we seem to be walking for a long time, when we realize we have to be going in the wrong direction.  We stopped at another restaurant, order water, and then Ryan and I dont want to eat there so much to April's dismay we run out while the waitress is busy.  Start walking back to the venue and a couple of blocks away we hear screaming.  Ryan takes off running but I am a complete idiot and DONT, mostly because I thought ILAA would be going on so there was no way it was the boys....but it was JON!! I missed it :(  After that excitement we figure out where Margaritas really is but by this time there is an hour wait to get in which we cant afford so we find another "restaurant" which I would not reccommend to a friend.  Thats all I am sayin.  We eat and back across the street we go and I saw 2 Jabba's walking around!!!  Inside and find our seats which are lower bowl to the right of the stage but still pretty awesome.  Jabbawockeez come out and totally kill it, those guys are so sick, I just love them!!!!  Now my pre-show nervousness has kicked in for real and I count down the seconds as I try to stave off having a stroke and THEN...The neeeeew video!!!  My heart!!!!  15 years ago they walked away, one year ago they shocked the world....the pictures...the music...THE BLOCK IS BACK, ARE...YOU...READY......pajfoadfka;fjkldafl;ja;dfjlafafjkajfkl;a

Call It What You Want - Donnie doin the Freedom Williams rap, Jordan is wearing some HOT sunglasses and Joe with the I can feel it, feel it, feel it.....this is pure love people.  Pure. Love.
My Favorite Girl - dont you know...(I think you should know by now!!)
The Right Stuff - will I ever get tired of Jordan dancin around the stage (in his hot shades) during this song?  NEVER!
Didn't I Blow Your Mind - Its like getting to cross another song off my lifes list but I have got to cross it off 4 times now, it blows my mind.....small pun intended there!
Valentine Girl - Oh Danny....!! squee!!
Please Don't Go Girl - they were workin it, making us wait  for it...the anticipation, those 10 seconds can kill a girl!!!!
Grown Man - its impossible not to look at Donnie during this song, right April??  I have even youtubed this with the intent of watching someone else but I CANT!!! If anyone has ever looked at anyone else during this song and can tell me about it, let me know how it was....
Dirty Dancing - ON THE MAIN STAGE!!!  This was serious mania.  This goes down as one of my favorite perfomances evah!  And my video picked up a nice little Joe booty shake that had me watchin again....and again...
Games- this remix is just BAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!  *5 bad brothers from the beantown land!!!!  We get the Donnie and Jordan side (the best side!!) and the oh-eeeh-ohs AGAIN!!!!
If You Go Away- um NK's should follow their own lyrics, cuz if they go away they'll be breaking my heart in two!
2 In The Morning - back to B Stage...Joey Joe is now rockin the gold shirt from the "Valentine Girl" performance..I amost fell out of my chair, its that spectacular!!
Single- B stage lifts now!!!  It doesnt have quite the same drama back there as it did when they opened with it but its still totally amazing!!
Tonight - this is the point where I hate every single beyotch who made it back there because this song....and the touching...aaaaah!!!  The Party Boy dance!! (this time I saw Danny step over Jon to get to Danny, so funny), Joe's little rap...DONTCHA KNOW THAT WE STILL CARE, DONTCHA KNOW THAT WE'RE STILL HERE!!!  djtdjrajfjkadjfajdkfjaj
Now back to the main stage and Danny and Jon do FACETIME!!!!!!!!!!
Twisted- kfjkaflafjkajfklakdfjka;jfklajkdlfjklajklf FOR REAL!!  This song, makes me unable to think clear thoughts of any kind!!  Move #1-I'll push you how you want it just tell me where to pull and Move #2-throwin that girl over his shoulder, that gets hotttter every time I see it!!!  OMG!!!!
Baby I Believe in You - Jordan. *sigh
Give It To You- Jordans been taking lessons from Jabba....killin it!
JOE MAC MEDLEY - I Remember When/Where Do I Go From Here/Because of You - this may be the exact moment where I went from having Joe tendencies to being completly in lurve with him.  This gave me chills and I just felt so happy, like this  is the moment I never want to end.  And I walked around for days singing "cuz you build me up, you make me high..."
Cover Girl - "I fell in love tonight....the woman who sceams the loudest gets to be my Cover Girl"...prreeeety sure that was me!
I'll Be Loving You - "20 long years ago we sang this song..." *heart melts, guh.
Click Click Click - up to date the best pose off yet!!!!  (Ottawa beats it but thats another blog).  THREE pose-offs!!  Donnie with fire, Jordan on his head, Joe with the flowers (well he tried!), Danny jumps and Jon....well Jon was the winner :)
Summertime- do you remember? I said I remember....
Step by Step - Joe and Donnie messed up the Push It dance and Donnie instead did the worm!  The worm!  I kid you not, general amazingness!!
Hangin Tough - lovin the Maine jersey's, still lovin Jordan doin "we wil rock you", maybe most of all lovin the confetti change to green, white and silver.....aaaaahhhhhhh

Show is over, waaah....anyways its bus stalking time.  So we go outside and it is FREEZING!!!  But the troopers that we are we wait and wait and wait.  Its now quarter to 12 (remembering we had to be out of the garage by 12) so we give up and head back to the hotel.  Come to find out later Donnie came out at 12:15....wtf we missed the man by 15 mins?  So not fair!!  Damn you CCCC parking garage and your out by midnight policies!  Damn you!  We had an interesting drive back to the hotel as I got so worked up talking I kinda drove down the wrong side of the street...in my defence it was kinda like a parking lot and we were the only car in there so more funny than dangerous...but yeah...I should never be allowed to drive after a concert, it just gets dicey!!  Got up in the morning and drove home after a stop in Augusta for groceries because when in the States its neccessary for me to buy Cinnamon Brown Sugar poptarts because yes.  Home again, sad that the trip is over but barely anytime to get ready for NK Round 4, which will be a story for another time.....


23rd-Mar-2009 07:53 pm(no subject)
I have not updated for 3 months - the most amusing/horrifying part of this?  NOTHING IS NEW!!!!!!!!

Thing I currently dread the most: busy, later shifts, the hell that is work.

Thing I currently look forward to:  ITS NKOTB WEEK!!!!!  Wednesday is Portland and Monday is Ottawa - where I have VIP, where I will meet them.  Where I will most likely stroke out or at the very least curl into the fetal position and cry uncontrollably.  The only question is will I do this before I meet them and get carried away by ambulance thus missing the whole thing?  Or do this directly in front of them and forever be known as "that girl who required medical attention when Donnie Wahlberg touched her"??
mad deep
Finally getting around to the great James Blunt recap of 08.  I cant not express the anticipation I went though for this show.  James Blunt is like my HEART!!!!!!!!!!  So after Sara and I freaked out for what felt like foooorever the night finally came.  We headed for SJ, the only hitch being the toll bridge which would not accept my quarter, however a lovely stranger paid it for me.  Parked and then headed inside Brunswick Sqaure.  We knew which restaurant we wanted to have dinner at but could we find it???  My rage that had been linger since Blue Rodeo last Feb (when me and Jessy got lost 45456765 times) came rushing back.  We finally found the Alehouse and had an amazing meal and some drinks.  The drinks were supposed to help with the anxiety...not so sure they did.  Back through to Harbour Station and our seats....soo good!!!  7th row just to the left.  I could clearly go on (and on and on) but my un-ending and un-dying love but there arent enough words so I wont even begin.  Just HEART-O-SCOPES!!!!!!!!!!!

Breathe - so he starts with an unreleased song I dont know!!  never saw that coming!
I Really Want You  - *wishes I was in the audience of 200 he thinks the song works best in front of!!!
Love Love Love - "that line doesnt make sense"
Carry You Home
No Bravery - the place is Kosovo, the year is 1999....
Give Me Some Love
Shine On - best light show of the night
Out of My Mind - one of my fave JB songs, I relate totally!!!!!
Cuz I love You - (cover song)
I'll Take Everything - omg he GAVE it on this song!!!
Goodbye My Lover - piano...piano piano piano
Turn Me On - another unreleased one, but I sure did loves it.
You'reBeautiful- ..she could see from my face I was fucking high....
Same Mistake - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  One of my favorite songs ever in life.
One of the Brightest Stars
So Long Jimmy
1973 - super sweet disco ball, how you'd picture the song, haha.

And as 1973 ends about a million pieces of confetti fall from the ceiling and I feel nothing but pure hysteria.  Hee, hysteria is my new favorite state of being. 
7th-Dec-2008 08:16 am - IFS/MM&ET/SRB
Last weekend was the Sam Roberts concert wich was pretty much an equal mix of awesomeness and horrifyingness.  The awesomeness was of course the performances as all 3 bands totally killed it and sounded amazing (which is hard to do in the SUB).  The horrifyingness was EVERYTHING ELSE...it was way late getting started and my feet were killing me before it even started (I am so old for GA now!!), I'm to effing short to see over frat boys so it was largely an audio show for me and not so much visual.  And the larqe quantity of drunks who surrounded me.  This was probably the worst case ever of people who were so out of it they probably didnt even know who that dude on stage singing was.  Most of the people werent even facing the stage, they were standing around in circles talking the whole time.  Yet God forbid they let me through so I could enjoy anything.  That being said, all in all I did have fun.  There was a point in the night when Sam Roberts himself was standing directly behind me for at least 10 mins.  The whole time I stood there frozen, except I kept glancing over my shoulder at him...deciding I was faaaar to chicken to go try and talk to him.  Its probably for the best as I tend to yell out the stupidest things in those situations anyways.  But still will I ever get that chance again??

In Flight Safety - I really love those guys!!!  Plus they started with "Coast Is Clear"!!

Matt Mays and El Torpedo - I like super adore Matt Mays and that night just solidified that.  I love their sound, I love how good Matt plays the harmonica....guh.  I LOVE "ON THE HOOD"!!!!!!!  I seriously listen to that song on repeat, it was the song I wanted to hear most that night and I did :)

Sam Roberts - this man is so pure genius its sick.  One of the best Canadian talents, top 3 for sure in my books.  The setlist in no order...well lets do it in discography order, lol
Brother Down - I think my life is passing me byyyyyyy!
Good People Gone - indeed a good question!
Hard Road - ah I so love this song!!  It might be my fave...to hard to pick!
The Gate
Bridge to Nowhere
Stone Would Cry Out - with Matt Mays!!!!
With a Bullet - last song of the night
Love At the End of the World - first song of the night
Oh Maria
Lions of the Kalahari - my fave off the new cd :)
Fixed To Run
Them Kids - looooove!
Words & Fire
Detroit 67
29th-Nov-2008 10:06 am(no subject)
rob reach
*In Flight Safety, Matt Mays&El Torpedo, Sam Roberts tonight!!!!!!!!!

*James Blunt on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!

*General updates - uhhhh none!!  Working and being broke still summing up my life.  Christmas is less than a month away and whilst I am totally excited for it I am a bit stressed on the financial side.  I always manage to pull it out but this year is the most flat out broke I have ever been so its gonna be kinda slim.  But still it will be great, I already have vacation booked, its the first Christmas at the "Stevensons"...there is alot to look forward too :)
Love Me

How New Kids on the Block Round 2 went down…


Picked up April, Jill and Ryan at 6 am and off we went. First best news of the trip, Jill brought her Jordan Barbie (minus the rat-tail). Score! This can provide hours of entertainment. We drove without major issue except for my windshield wipers (sorry guys!!), listening to NKOTB the entire way and reached the Courtyard Norwich at 3 pm “local standard time if you will”. We got lucky because they still had room on the shuttle to take us to the casino so we booked a time for 5:00 and then checked into the room to start getting ready. 5: 00 we hit the lobby to meet our driver for the night Norman. Now first I am scared because Norman is approximately 85 years old, driving a 12 passenger van, not to mention its dark and raining. I mean I cant die in this van BEFORE New Kids. I must see them one more time!!!! But Norman turned out to be a blast. Asked if we wanted a sing-along and then pumps up Dean Martin “That’s Amore”!! I mean c’mon, that’s funny!! So we get to the casino and we get a free $10 bet (which we all lost even though I thought my technique was surefire!!) and free dinner. Cant beat that!! So we stop in the first casino we come too and start a gambling. I put $10 in to start and after only a few mins I hit the jackpot on a nickel slot and won $124!!! Wa-hoo!!!! We went and ate our free dinner and then made our way to the arena. Nervousness sets in. My pre-concert anxiety…where would I be without it?? Smuggled our cameras in through 2 “security checkpoints” and found our seats. Even though I bought our tickets the very second they went on sale we had ended up with lower bowl. Having seen a show there before I knew it was a smaller venue and the seats would still be ok and they were!! Had a direct view of the stage and super close to B stage!!! This is me getting more and more nervous. Then finally out comes Lady Gaga. That girl is fucked man!!! I do love “Just Dance” and I think she has an amazing voice but she is truly messed in the head!!! Then Natasha Beddingfield again…I am not like a fan or anything but she is kinda turning me around. She is a rare artist who sounds so much better live than on the radio. She has one of the greatest voices I have ever heard, there is no way that the power and emotion of her voice could translate to radio, which is a real shame for her!! Oh god now its time to wait for NKOTB and the shaking of my legs starts again. NK does however get the award hands down for having the quickest turnaround between sets. 20 mins tops!!!! Pass the time reading (mostly stupid) texts. Ours was good and they never played it!!! And now that video starts again, it absolutely breaks my heart and makes me insanely happy at the same time!!! TONIGHT THE BLOCK IS BACK, ARE…YOU….READY??!!!!!!!!! Man I get so flustered even just trying to recap this!! I cant compare the two concerts because my feelings were totally different, but I will say I was able to take more in this time. Setlist was the same but my observations are a little different so here goes….


Single - *SCREAM!!! OMG I am seeing NKOTB again. They are in front of me!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!

My Favorite Girl – the transition, the girl girl girl girl….they are so like robots! Ha! Is this possibly my favorite cherography? Top 3 for sure!!!!

Right Stuff – I got a whole video of this song!! However the ground was shaking under my feet like a freakin earthquake from everyone dancing and jumping so it’s a tad shaky. Still. Also is this my favorite cherography? This is top 3 too!! And the whole first time was a great time, second time was a blast…with the explosions and the gyrations…omg…and Jordan dancing across the stage at the end. *love

Didn’t I Blow Your Mind/Valentine Girl – hats!!! Synchronized crotch grab!!! Jordan in red!!!

Please Don’t Go Girl – I was more prepared this time, I didn’t like nearly faint which is progress!!! But oh man the fact that I have gotten to hear PDGG twice now, blows my mind still. Joey hittin that floor…I hear that “I need ya baby” in my head all the time!!

Grown Man – the “other” grown man move…I picture Jordan..but the “og” grown man move is alllll Donnie…his hips!!!  Final spot for my Top 3 cherography!

Games – Donnie doin his little speech at first and then he breaks into “cuz positivity is NOT about being soft” and 9500 people scream “its about being smart, you suckers” I swear I got chills. Remix version!!! SHUT UP, I said REMIX!!!! *freaks the fuck out entirely!!!!!!!!!    And the “wait I gotta check something out…how does my ass look?” And I got to be the oh-eee-oh’s again!!!!

If You Go Away – This song has a whole new meaning for me since I saw it the last time, it gets me every time!!

2 in the Morning – again Danny so stands out in this song. He is so ljdfl;ajflajdkl;fjl;adj

Dirty Dancing – Jordans shimmy!! The moves – Joey and Jordan especially!! And being right in direct view of Donnie again “when she touch me with her fingertips” Guh!!! And then Danny talks about the breast cancer tanktops and his dad was there that night :) And then someone through some panties and Joey and Jordan had a discussion about how you could tell if they were “used” and then Donnie grabbed em and put them in his pocket.

Tonight – my love for this song (especially live) is WCD!!!!!!!!! Joey being all “can we say thank you for once? You say thank you to us, so kindly, and we don’t get it”. And…see the girls with the curls their hair…” did you see her”? And Jordan “everybody saaay tonight…say what?” And Joey laying on the piano was SO guh!!! And my fave part when Danny and Donnie do their little dance at the end and oh!oh! please let me say that D&D are wearing the same sneakers!!!! (which coincidentally are the same sneakers David Usher was wearing so they are now officially my favorite sneakers ever in life!)

Twisted – only Joey, Jordan and Donnie on stage, with Jordan and Donnie all in black – love! Joey, that over the shoulder move gets hotter everytime!! And the face!!!!! Yeaaaah I got it!!!

Baby I Believe In You – cuz I’m so in love girl with you, and you, and you….aaaalll of you….

Give It To You – anyone can make you sweat, but only I can keep you wet. YES PLEASE!!! I’m also lovin the slo motion dancing!

Stay The Same – accapella at the beginning and nailing it!! lots of the crowd singing along this time too

Cover Girl – I need a cover giiiiirl, and I am going to find one….right…..now (hotttttest thing ever!!!) “I like big girls too baby” (has DW been reading the forums??)

I’ll Be Loving You Forever – did I ever mention how much I LOVE concerts at Mohegan? The acoustics in there are fabulous and hearing this just…it just really stood out as a highlight of the night

Click Click Click – I don’t even know…Donnies intros are the best to this song…and during the song, his rap, oh lord…the one I pull the cream for…with that “hand motion”, I’m on like sensory overload here!!!! And the critiquing of the poses, Joey is so funny “you cant go wrong with a Jon Knight, so tall dark and handsome. Jordan is kinda teen bop circa 1989” (I’m so ashamed). Donnie bein all gangsta and Danny bustin out a new pose for US!!! (that’s some King Lear shit there) And Joey “ya know when your trying to be sexy but you just aren’t sexy”

Summertime- love JM yellin JONES BEACH, and it’s the last song of the night so they are all “now we don’t like this part but it has to come”….moooooooooooore

Step by Step – still love love love the STEP STEP STEP STEP STEP STEP…the “push it” dance still my fave but this time I got to see what all the Jon girl were talking about, the infamous “booty dance”, OMG!!!!!!!!!!

Hangin Tough – I can now never listen to this song again without hearing DW in my head “everybody in the hooouuuuse, get your hands up, baby get your hands up”. LOVE!!!! And I got to hear….now somebody, anybody, everybody SCREEEEAM…how many times had I watched that part over and over and over from Hangin Tough Live? These are the rare moments when I love my life!!!!


Ah there is SO MUCH more but I cant function anymore after reliving all this….

-Danny and “facetime”

-“theres a movement that started somehow, Lets Get This” and everyone yellin LETS GET THIS…yesyesyes!!!!!

-Oh.My.God. Donnie waving a Canadian Flag during Hangin Tough. (In the USA no less). BAAAAAAAAAAAAH

-Donnies dancing mania at the end of the show, then everyone starts, jumping around and GROUP HUGS. Group hugs make me happy!!!!!

-Jumping from the stage holding hands!!!!


(honorable mention goes to sequin tits and space pants…and the “luckiest” security guard of the night)


So after this life altering experience we went back out into one of the casinos and I played some more slots till I was down to an even $115 and then cashed out. I actually came home with more money on the trip than I left with!! After about 7 NKOTB alarms going off in the morning we left CT around 9:30am and thus ends my story.




11th-Nov-2008 05:45 pm(no subject)
Oh NKOTB, how I adore you in a way that borders on the unholy.  How I love you more than I love breathing.  How I need you like an addict needs smack.  You make me happier than I have ever been in my whole life, please continue to do so for a long, long time.

Forever yours!!!

(CT recap to come when I can form thoughts!!)
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